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Muna Al-Fuzai from Kuwait Times goes ballistic

Submitted by on Wednesday, 6 June 20076 Comments

I guess we all know the reason behind all this is the article she wrote earlier this week about life in Kuwait and getting raped in Kuwait for every god-damn thing you do. As expected the original article has been removed from their website, but there is a copy on 248AM here [LINK].

Due to this article there was major fallout with lot of readers [according to Ms Muna], and bloggers which you can read about here.

Anyways being an expat myself and living in Kuwait for last couple of years, I have to strongly dis-agree with Ms Muna as she has let out a tirade of accusations against lot of people. There are some ground realities which needs to be understood here, yes there are tons of bachelors in Kuwait, but no not every 2nd or 3rd bachelor is a rapist or intends to be one. Yes there is a custom of ‘wasta‘ in Kuwait, but there are lot of people especially Kuwaitis I have come across who genuinely would help you at the drop of a hat. And no this is not a favor they do, but they do it for genuine reasons. Not every boss is sex-starved vulture waiting to maim any female, there is a lot of professionalism, comradeship and ethics in all sorts of companies in Kuwait that I have seen.

But again there are rotten apples in the society and they do spoil the good ones. But this is the reality of every country you can think of, even Clinton had ‘bossy relations‘ with Ms Monica Lewinsky, and he was the President of USA. Even companies in India would offer a bribe to get their work done. Even students in Europe would cheat by out-sourcing their work to others.

Ms Muna we all know the facts about Kuwait and society here, both good ones and bad ones, but the way you expressed your opinions was like a Judge passing a sentence to a huge chunk of the population. But lets not forget even the law states that ‘Innocent until proven Guilty’, so lets all give a fair chance to Kuwait and its people.

Even in your latest article you have used a ballistic tone to justify your opinion as a writer. Yes you are a good writer and honest one, and your intentions behind the article you wrote earlier, I guess were not sensationalist but good ones. But at times we have to all accept the justification of others when they point out oddities or criticise our opinions. I hope this small note of mine does not strike you as an accusing one, its just my opinion about how things have turned out.

I would also take this opportunity to thank lot of my friends in Kuwait, both Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti for being supportive and helpful in lot of ways. And also offer my gratitude to Kuwait which provides me and my family with means to live each day and look forward for the next day. [hope they don’t give me an Oscar for this paragraph ;)]

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