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6 tips to kickstart a beautiful weekday morning

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beautiful sunrise

1. Wake up on Time

Set an alarm, preferably with snooze option to ring in after 15 minutes of first alarm. I use my mobile phone as my alarm clock with Old Telephone ring as the alarm tone. I have set the main alarm at 6:30 am and snooze at 6:45am. Keep alarm clock/mobile atleast 10 steps away from the bed so the constant ringing would force you to get off the bed. The hardest part in waking up every morning is to actually get out of the bed.

2. Walk straight to the bathroom from bed

First thing in the loo is to splash cold water on face. This comes as a surprise to your body and will jolt it to stand up and take notice of the surroundings. DO NOT take the newspaper or magazine to the loo. You dont have time for loo-library, you can do all the reading on the bus/train or in the office. Always keep a wall clock in the loo. Trust me this is great for taking note of the time with every passing minute you are in the loo.

3. Fitness break

Give your body much needed stretching. Follow a simple routine for morning fitness regime. Most people like to opt for a brisk walk, you can even do some stretch exercise, or go to gym if you have enough time. Walking is a great way to keep in shape. In case you live in multi-storied building, you may also climb up and down the stairs. Climbing stairs is a great workout any given day.

4. Take a Shower

No matter what, if you are a girl/boy or man/woman, shower is a must every morning. This helps you in relaxing your body muscles. Use warm water, avoid extreme cold or hot water. Cold water will make you shiver crazy, hot water will laze off your body. Water temperature depends on the weather too so adjust accordingly. Always use soap in shower, never opt for plain shower. Scented soap will make you feel good when you start your day and will keep the body-odor far away through out the day.

5. Have a Light Breakfast

Do not stuff yourself with bacon, eggs, sausages and other greasy lumpy stuff. Keep it simple. Have tea, avoid coffee. You dont want caffiine in your body right at the beginning of your day. Have a light sandwitch with lots of greens in it. If you prefer mayonaise or butter use light ones. You can also have cornflakes with milk to keep it a healthy choice. A fruit or fresh juice is an added bonus.

6. Dress Smartly

Don’t pick that 2 day old shirt, or inner wear. First of all it stinks and secondly it’s a big downer for your personality. I keep ironed clothes for atleast next 10 days. Grooming is not only for women, but men too. Take a walk down the ‘toiletries section for men’ in the supermarket. You will be surprised at all sorts of stuff you can use from skin creams to gel to roll-ons to deodorants. If she can spend so can you. Pamper yourself with all these and use them religiously every morning. A fresh face, scented body, groomed hair and clean clothes will take you miles.

This last one is not a tip, but a requirement; Keep Smiling and Be Kind