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Review: Ruby Tuesday, an awkward experience

Submitted by on Saturday, 27 October 200714 Comments

Ruby Tuesday

One can feel the winter slowly creeping in on us daily, and with the feeling of that mild chill, one feels the need for foods that are more sumptuous, heavy and one that would fill the body with warmth. I enjoy steaks and especially during the winters as I feel they are the soul food for a winter loving person.

We hit Ruby Tuesday Kuwait Towers over the weekend. Its been on my list for a long time. Enter stage left. The usual chant on the entrance “Good evening ma’am, good evening sir! Table for two?”…you bet. The place immediately reminded me of AppleBees, similar layout, similar aromas. The place was buzzing with people at around 9pm. We got seated comfortably, and were presented with the menu.

T2 opted for garden salad, I opted for Chicken Quesadillas as entrees. Our usual choice of drinks, lemonade with mint for me and diet coke for T2. Mains was only for me, Peppercorn Mushroom Sirloin [280 gm]. 10-15 minutes of wait and the food was in front of me. That was shocker number one. Now when you dine in a good restaurant and order for a good steak, one does expect that cooking steak would take some time and it would be done meticulously. This sort of puts Ruby Tuesday in the league of Mc Donalds where you are rushing in to grab a quick bite and make an exit.

Anyways T2 did mention that the choice for salad was good, rather ahead of other similar joints in terms of quality and variety. Good green stuff is her weakness and she got a good serving of it. Chicken Quesadillas were good and I would consider the serving size equivalent to mains if its between two.

Well so far so good, and then came the steak, and things got more interesting here. As I said earlier the steak came up too soon. With steak there was veggies which looked a bit weird, there was a nice garlic bread, the steak itself and the mashed potatoes. I started with a bite of steak and first thought was this is not exactly a steak. It tasted like chunk of meat charcoaled grilled, not like a steak. The meat had absolutely no juiciness. It was ‘well done’ as per my request but was bland. Next stop the veggies, and they were dry, again no juices flowing, negligible flavor, and tasted like those veggies they serve you in-flight courses. Mashed potatoes looked delicious, so I dug in, one bite and it felt good. Another bite and lo’n behold the scoop got stuck in the serving. On looking closely, I saw a full sheet of cellophane plastic stuck right smack in the mashed potatoes! I was shocked. This cellophane plastic is one those coverings on the cheese slice.

I called in the server to show the foreign element and he was shocked as well. This puts Ruby Tuesday in the league of Mc Donalds as serving steak food. I doubt if they use fresh ingredients to prepare your food. Since there is cellophane of cheese slice, I believe its all cold stored and microwaved for your convenience as per your order. moral of the story stay away from mashed potatoes and dig deep through the food before you take a bite.

They served me a new serving of my order in say 5 minutes of this incident, and that again raised my doubts about how do they actually prepare their food. I dont know..I dont know. The steak was again same thing…absolutely dry and no juiciness. Ofcourse mashed potatoes were left untouched this time. Veggies were laughable and un-palatable. At the end the server did give us a complementary dessert. But I guess that doesnt help the situation. We paid…and exit stage right.

Was it worth the price tag…nopes. one good thing about this whole thing was the service, it was good, ambiance decent, food bad. I believe that has been my last visit to Ruby Tuesday for quite some time. And I am still looking forward for a good steak here in Kuwait.

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