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Baroue: An extravagance for kids

Submitted by on Monday, 29 October 200732 Comments


While at Avenues, we decided to drop by at the Baroue outlet. Had to check it out after hearing all about its exorbitant price tags. And trust me I was taken aback when cruising through the outlet got glimpses of shirts for new born kids priced at KD 22.000! There were sweat shirts for 1-3 year olds tagged at KD 8.000, toys were hovering at KD 10.000 plus and the biggest shockers were the prams. Damn damn damn…averaging KD 250.000 plus!!

If I was my own kid I would spank the living daylights out of myself for even thinking about this expensive stuff. Ask any successful and wealthy person the secret of their success, and they would gladly reply back, ‘Modesty‘. To pamper ones kids with this kind of luxury and that too for stuff that wont last them for more than a couple of months is just outrageous.

I can imagine momma Britney’s and Victoria’s or daddy Wacko Jacko, dropping by, to pick this kind of stuff to keep themselves and their kids in the media spotlight, but beyond that this kind of shopping is sacrilege.

I heard that kids wanting to play in the huge playpit need to fork out [their parents] KD 5.000 for an entry. Now I might sound like a miser SOB but hey I would pay KD 3.500 to visit the Doha Entertainment City and have fun with the kids and family, or rather take them to a beach, or a garden for a stroll and play Frisbee or hand ball or soccer.

I guess the World is changing too fast and I may be the last one in the queue to catch up to the reality of designer lifestyle for kids. But at least I am happy about it.

Here are the prams that would set you back around KD 400.000 a piece and beware there ain’t any warranty on mileage!

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