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WTF: Gallery of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe’s Palace

Submitted by on Monday, 12 November 2007266 Comments

Robert Mugabe

While the poor people of Zimbabwe fight for a days meal, this is how the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe lives.

  • Arab artists spent a year decorating the ceilings
  • 3 acres of accommodation
  • Estimated 26 million USD to build
  • 25 en-suite bathrooms
  • Neighbours in Borrowdale, Harare, have been told to sell up and leave to protect Mugabe’s security
  • China has donated the glazed blue tiles that cover the roof.
  • Malaysia has donated the timber
  • there are underground rooms reinforced with concrete
  • It is 3 times the size of the State House.
  • has 44 acres of landscaped grounds
  • A Serbian construction company built it – Energoproject – to a Chinese design. Mugabe said in interview that the Serbian company donated their material and labour
  • 50 crack riot response police guard it on a 24 hour watch