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Radio Kuwait FM 99.70…the cheesy yanked up..Y’All

Submitted by on Wednesday, 21 November 200760 Comments


If there was ever a Cheesiest of Cheesy Choice Awards then FM 99.70 or Super Station Radio Kuwait , its dj’s and adverts would scoop them through the roof. The over-greasy Yankee accent of the DJ’s, clichés, avoidable voice overs, lame jokes fill up your ears if you are tuned in to FM 99.70.

While driving to work this morning I had the misfortune of tuning in to FM 99.70, and the sugar-coated advert for Al-Mulla Used Car started spewing out of the speakers. This was followed by a dialog between the two DJ’s ending with Y’ALL aka I am a desperate Britney wannabe. Good God…let go of all this cheesiness. I wonder who their target audience really is? What a lost cause.