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Newsflash: Your chance to be RJ/DJ on RKFM 99.7: Open audition details

Submitted by on Sunday, 9 March 200839 Comments

Updates: Venue details here [LINK]

Newsflash: Your chance to be RJ/DJ on RKFM 99.7: Audition details

Would you like to be a RJ/DJ on Radio Kuwait FM 99.70? Do you have that snappy/snazzy voice that will capture the airwaves? Well here is your chance!

DJ Uruj, who will be leaving the show later this month, has sent in details for open auditions for the next DJ for the Night Ride [7-9 pm] segment on RKFM 99.70

  • Auditions are open to all nationalities
  • You will need to prepare a demo voice tape of a mock RJ session [around 15-20 mins][format cd/cassette]
  • Demo voice tape doesn’t need to have music, as RKFM will be looking for voice talent
  • There will be a short interview of candidates whose tapes are selected
  • Age should be over 21
  • Should have a Kuwait drivers license
  • You need to have an excellent command over English, if its not your native language
  • Place of submission [not yet finalized]
  • Dates of submission are :
    • March 13, Thursday from 3-6 pm
    • March 15, Saturday 9-12 pm 11-12pm

For more information on this send email to