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Interesting bullshit you can do everyday…

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Interesting bullshit you can do everyday…

At times when the whole country seems to be slogging with the vacations and the heat..here are couple of abso-double-doubtly bullshit things you can do to contribute…

1. The ATM game

Try to pull your ATM card out of the ATM machine before the dumbbox beeps. Bonus points…here because with single transaction you get three chances, a) pulling out the card, b) pulling out the recipt, c) pulling out the cash.and of course you get paid for doing this [from your own account] The machine always beeps no matter how fast you try to pull’em out..

2. Hip-Hop Driver[sideways]

Kuwait roads are blessed with protruded road markers every where…in case you dont get it , they are the markings on nearly every traffic stop on Gulf road. Now give yourself a pat on the back if you can drive between them without moving your wheels over them. You will love this game once, twice…thrice…but after that you will be cursing yourself crazy every time you come across them, and will have this unsatiable urge to play this game again.

3. Guess the Auto [great for family]

Driving your family around in the heat…try this with the kids in back. Ask them what would be the color of the car that you are gonna stop behind at the next signal. There are variations to this to make you crazy …try car model,number of cars, or for those with more mathematical brains, try car numbers…Every time you guess the right one..you slap your head silly.

4. Shoutastic driver

In the heat of 50’s [sorry no 40’s in Kuwait] , every sane person is driving with their windows up and A/C turned on, so you are safe when you scream at the top of your baritone voice, cursing every SOB that you have come across that day, or intend to come across that day. Trust me, no one will feel a thing, and you would have let the steam off. Just avoid it on traffic signals, as every one would split off if you scream…and call the cops on you.And oh yeah please dont close your eyes when you scream..

5. Office Tosser game

Get an empty cup, and a box of matches [only if its allowed], or something thats light and resembles the match box in shape n size like an eraser [my fav].Now place the cup near the edge of a table like about 4-5 inches from it, and place the box/eraser half way over the edge so it doesnt fall of. Now the game is to toss the object into the cup with flick of a thumb. Just dont try too hard or the crazy eraser might toss right into your neighbours coffee cup.

Hope you enjoy bullshiting…with these games…