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VIVA Kuwait website opens door

Submitted by on Monday, 3 November 2008227 Comments
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VIVA the 3rd telecom in Kuwait has launched their website. Snapshot of their site is above. They are currently open for business and are offering an option to Reserve numbers starting with 55. The site is slow but is slowly coming up. There is a cattle race to reserve new numbers so the site is dragging.

You can also contact their customer service center on 55 102 102.

Main web site www.viva.com.kw [click here and wait for 30-40 seconds]


VIVA direct link [CLICK HERE]

Guidelines for telephone numbers:

  • VIVA offers you, for a limited time only, the unique opportunity to reserve your preferred number with your own design! A fresh start with a “55”!
  • Either Design and Search for your preferred number whether you are looking for a number to match your landline or current mobile number, a birth date or a precious occasion date, or simply a set of memorable numbers! Depending on availability, register your information to reserve the number for free!
  • Or you can View Vanity Numbers list to choose the ideal special number that suits you best!
  • Numbers are available on a first come, first served basis - VIVA can not guarantee the availability of any number. So book now while they last!
  • The number booking process will run for 4 weeks, during which customers can book their numbers online or through any of VIVA kiosks
  • If your number is available, providing the right contact information is important for completing the booking process
  • Each Customer can book 1 number only using Civil ID or Passport Number
  • Vanity numbers are available in 3 classes: Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • Golden and silver numbers can only be booked with postpaid plans and using Civil ID
  • A vanity number charge applies to the type of the class of the reserved number, and is shown during the booking process.
  • Customers will be informed by e-mail and SMS when the SIM card is ready for pick up from any of VIVA outlets
  • Customers are responsible for picking up their VIVA SIM card from any VIVA outlet, anytime during the first 5 weeks after launch - Otherwise, the number is released again and could be purchased by other customers
  • Customers have to show identification form (actual ID) in order to receive the SIM card