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Mystery of Voluntary Sickness?!

Submitted by on Tuesday, 30 December 20084 Comments

So unfair…so so unfair is the call of everyone I come across when you get a weekend holiday break, and then one working day, and then one holiday, and then 2 working days, and then finally 3 holidays.

Well consider this week itself…Friday-Saturday was off, then we had Sunday as work day, then Monday as New Year [Hijri] holiday, and then we are on Tuesday-Wednesday working days, and then Thursday-Fri-Sat holiday break on its way.

So what is the work around..well the Holy Grail of workplace excuse..Voluntary Sickness. Yep we all curse the hour when that darn alarm bangs on your head at 6 in the morning, and we twist and turn in our quilts [winter mornings yummm] blindly hitting the clock for a snooze…and then in 10 minutes the bloody thing goes off again.

And then we half-awake rise from bed..with thoughts of “Well I can be voluntary sick for next 2 days…and then we have 3 day holiday break anyways after that.”

Bingo..off to the nearest clinic, with the performance worthy of an Oscar award, holding on to your heads, or our stomachs, or our backs…outpouring our grief to the doctor with broken whispers..on how bad the night has been to us. All this for the heck one medical certificate…which shall be our ticket to a 5 day holiday spree.

Trust me I have doctors in the family…and they tell me that they can tell in first 5-10 seconds if you are faking it. But true to their profession, they have to consider the fakers as patients. Well there is the reward behind it..the Fee. If its a govt. hospital then its a matter of just getting rid of you from the queue.

Apparently in Kuwait, the ministry of health has asked all govt hospitals to stay away from giving medical certificates during this week. But fret not…you are in luck. Just hop on to a private clinic and with a crisp KD10 bill, and the redemption to your Voluntary Sickness, shall be awarded to thee.

From my side..I wish you a Happy..Healthy 2 day work..even if you suffer from Voluntary Sickness.