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DSL prices in Kuwait: June 09

Submitted by on Tuesday, 9 June 200910 Comments

Well as the temperature curve move upwards in Kuwait, the DSL price curve is going south for Kuwait. Good news for new subscribers and jumpers. Most of the telcos are now offering very competitive prices especially in the mid-segment of 512 Kbps. 256Kbps is now old and 512 is the new 256. As more and more rich experience is being offered online from streaming videos to multi-player games to gaming console requirements and most inportantly bad economic conditions, telcos are having a tough time retaining customers let alone attaracting new ones with higher pricing brackets. Anyways DSL prices are still exhorbitant in Kuwait. But hey we all know telcos in Kuwait are monopolistic wankers.

Anyways top choices for DSL offerings still remain between FastTelco and QualityNet for the 512 Kbps segment as they both are offering KD 100 average pricing for DSL + Modem. Although QualityNet is better off with KD 100 which includes a wireless modem, where as FastTelco is KD 107 DSL+Wireless Modem. Service is best with these two telcos. One interesting thing to note here is that 128 KBPs for both these are more expensive than 256 Kbps! Hmm.. sounds strange. United Networks is ok with service and pricing but the lost cause of the lot is KEMS with double the pricing of rest of the pack. Overall remember the secret mantra..go for 512 Kbps avoid anything lower than that..and higher speeds..well now that is luxury for the time being.

So here is a breakdown of June 2009 DSL prices in Kuwait:

FastTelco [LINK]


QualityNet [LINK]


United Networks [LINK]