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Steps to obtain Residency [Iqama] for new born children in Kuwait

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(our twin boys)

(our twin boys)

Well before we begin..say hello to our twin boys [pic] :)

Now lets go through the dozen or so things you as a parent will have to do to obtain Residency for your new born(s) in Kuwait. The residency [iqama] for your new born should be completed within 2 months of the birth-date. To ensure every thing goes smooth, keep all originals and at-least a dozen or so copies of the originals handy. Always keep ample change [1KD/5KD] in hand and keep aside atleast KD 150 for each child.

Documents required for the entire process:

  • Passports of both parents [original / copies]
  • Civil ID of both parents [original / copies]
  • Marriage certificate attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kuwait [original / copies]
  • Marriage affidavit in English/Arabic issued from your native embassy and attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kuwait [original / copies]
  • Photographs of baby with blue background and white background [separate sets / 8 each]

Stage 1 [Sabah Hospital]

  1. After the babies are discharged from the Hospital wait for atleast 2-3 days and then return to Sabah hospital to obtain the orange/pink paper for the baby
  2. Reach Sabah by 7am in the morning because the office that issues the certificate opens between 7am-12pm only and there is always a long queue
  3. Once you have reached Sabah, make sure you write you name on a queue paper as they will not entertain you if you are not on the list
  4. You will have to wait till atleast 8.30 am before the office opens up so keep your appointments sorted out
  5. The officers will ask for your original Civil ID [both parents], Marriage certificate/affidavits attested, and may ask for passport
  6. Keep your set of copies ready as they will ask for it
  7. VERY IMPORTANT here is that they will check and double check the names of the parents on marriage certificate against Civil IDs and if they find a minor spelling mistake they will refuse to issue the orange paper
  8. Once all papers are ready they will issue  you the orange paper and ask you to proceed to Hawally office for birth certificate after 3 days
  9. No fee is collected at this stage

Stage 2 [Birth Certificate] after 3 days

  1. Birth certificates are obtained from Hawally office. Its located in Maidan-Hawally area. See the map below for directions
  2. Again in this office reach by 7am as there is a queue
  3. Collect your token and proceed to the officer
  4. Give the officer the orange paper from Sabah hospital
  5. They will ask for the name of the baby and all the original documents
  6. They may request more copies here
  7. The name will be written in Arabic here so dont fret if you are unfamiliar with the language
  8. The officer will ask you to return after 1 week to collect the Birth Certificate
  9. Return after 1 week collect the birth certificate, and before you leave ask someone to verify all the details in the certificate as its all in Arabic
  10. No Fee is collected at this stage

Stage 3 [Attestation of Birth Certificate]

  1. Now proceed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Shuwaikh near City Center / Red Cross office or you may also go to Communications Tower building in Kuwait city because its fast and opens in evenings too
  2. Collect a 5KD stamp from the machines located in the ministry building
  3. Proceed to the officer with the stamp, your original documents and the birth certificate
  4. The officer will attach the stamp on the birth certificate and attest it

Stage 4 [New Passport]

  1. This stage will vary for different nationalities but the steps below should cover most of them
  2. Collect the form from your embassy
  3. You will need atleast 4 photographs of your baby [white/blue background]
  4. All original documents and copies
  5. New passport fee will be charged here
  6. Collect the new passport when issued

Stage 4a [New passport with different nationalities of parents]

  1. In case the parents are of different nationality, you may have to obtain a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your spouse’s embassy stating that the baby will be granted nationality of another country

Stage 5 [Medical Insurance]

  1. Keep all originals and copies for this
  2. The Medical Insurance is done in Hawally near Mubarak Al-Kabeer hospital. There is also an office in Kheitan, but I dont know the location of that.
  3. Reach the office by 7am for quicker processing
  4. Submit the baby’s passport, photograph [blue background]
  5. Collect the Health Insurance card
  6. KD 35 will be charged

Stage 6 [Residency / Iqama]

  1. Depending on your area of residence this stage will take place at corresponding passport /visas office
  2. You will have to get the application for Residency / Iqama typed
  3. Typists are available in all passport offices
  4. Submit the application with copies of the baby’s passport, birth certificate, and health insurance card and copies
  5. You will also need your original documents and copies as the parent will be the sponsor
  6. KD 110 will be charged for the new residency permit
  7. You will also have to purchase KD 10 stamps for each year you want the residency for
  8. The stamps will be pasted in the baby’s passport
  9. New residency permit will also be pasted in the passport

Stage 7 [Civil ID]

  1. Keep KD 1 notes handy
  2. This is done from the Ministries Area in the Shuhada area [see map below]
  3. Civil ID for the baby will be available in 3-4 days but always check by calling in 1889988 or online on http://paci.gov.kw/
  4. The service(s) above will tell you which machine to collect the Civil ID from
  5. You can collect the new Civil ID  in morning or evening
  6. KD 3 will be charged and will be collected via the card dispensing machine

All these steps are daunting but are must and may cause stress but you have to do it once and do it correctly.

In case I have missed out on anything do let me know and I will update this post.

Happy Parenting…

Map 1 [Birth Certificate office Hawally]

View Birth certificate Office Kuwait in a larger map

Map 2 [Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kuwait Shuwaikh]

View Minstry of Foreign Affairs Kuwait – Shuwaikh in a larger map

Map 3 [Medical Insurance Jabriya – Mubarak Al Kabeer hospital]

View Medical Insurance – Jabriya in a larger map

Map 4 [PACI – Civil ID collection center]

View PACI in a larger map