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Babies(y’s) Day Out: Twins get their own rides…

Submitted by on Monday, 18 January 20104 Comments

Over the weekend the twins became the proud owners of their own rides. Yep they now have chauffeur driven rides..AKA mommy/daddy. The question that we had to ask ourselves was do we need a combo ride or individual ones. After much thought and window shopping around Kuwait, we decided that it would be more comfortable for us to get single strollers. This way we can move with the kids individually and wont be locked in all the times.

We shopped around the best deals and finally zeroed down to CenterPoint [Salmiya] where we got each stroller for KD 24 after discount. All in all much better than paying KD 70-100 a pop in other outlets like Baroue and Mothercare. BTW these strollers are for ages 0- 3 years. One thing I would like to point out here is that CenterPoint does not offer any explicit warranty on the strollers, although the sales guy did say that in case of any issues bring it in. Dont know if this is the same with other retailers.