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Happy Valentine’s Day…hope you spend enough money to regret the day after

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Happy Valentine's Day

Its back…yep like every year, cyclical cynical piece of action day the ‘Valentine’s Day’, has dawned upon us. The day when lovy-dovy twinkle eyed girls and boys, men and women, men and men, women and women [everything goes] plan to empty wallets/purses on the significant other [or so they think]. From fluffy coats, to leather accessories, from pounds of cakes, to stacks of CD’s/DVD’s, from moonlit/candle lit dinners, to drive around the lonely cosy spots, from bouquets of roses, to dangling gold pieces, from assorted chocolate, to stuffed teddys . Yes people go for it, do it, in the name of St. Valentine, hit the zone to score…and I mean score.  And in the spirit of love let us rain upon ourselves love..love…love…love…love…oh Gawd…I feel pukey…