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Time to try out Japanese cuisine. Benihana anyone?

Submitted by on Monday, 28 March 2011One Comment

I’ve always thought of trying out proper Japanese cuisine, but always ended up grabbing a small sushi once in a while and that too in ages. Never had the chance to try out something proper. One of the problems with Japanese food and me [and quite a few of you] is that we consider Sushi as the only Japanese food, just like many of you who are not Indians consider, Biryani and Curry as the only Indian food. The reality is far from this as there are quite a lot of delicacies beyond these.

Anyways it seems that to try out something Japanese I would have to drop by, Benihana the hip Japanese joint in Avenues. And more the reason for this would be to watch the antics of the chef preparing the food while you dine, right next to you. Check out this video from Al-Watan TV show ‘What’s On’ for an intro to Benihana. The video is in Arabic though.

And one more thing, if I do visit Benihana, I would have to be careful about what I write post-visit, cause I’ve heard of incident(s) where they have dragged blogger(s) to court over reviews :)  Touché..

Benihana Ad

Al-Watan ‘Whats On’ episode

BTW this is their menu..