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Review: ‘Shrimp Festival’ at PF Chang’s Kuwait

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 October 2012No Comment

Today I was invited over at the PF Chang’s Corniche Club to try out the shrimp delicacies that they are serving during the ‘Shrimp Festival’. They have introduced 3 starters and 4 mains during the festival, and I’d a chance to try all of them. Now even though they were all shrimps, yet each one of them sort of outdid the other.

In the starters I loved the ‘shrimp ceviche crisps’ which is basically shrimp cocktail served on a square shaped crisp wonton. Very light yet full of flavors and freshness. The ‘spicy crunchy shrimp’ was also very nice with nice touch of shredded spring roll cover, looked very appetizing.

Shrimp Ceviche Crisps

Shrimp Ceviche Crisps

As for the main course, we’re served variety of  preparations and each was well prepared, balanced servings with greens and flowing flavors. If I’d to pick the favorite ones I’d pick the Lemongrass BBQ shrimps and Ma La Shrimps. Lemongrass shrimps were succulent, and beautifully presented with lots of greens, with taste that would take you all the way to a beautiful beach on a sunny afternoon. Ma La shrimps on the otherhand was prepared in my favorite Kung Pao sauce and leveled with juicy green beans. If you like a bit of traditional noodles and spicy food, then I suggest you try out the Red Chilli Buttery shrimps which are served with egg noodles and prepared in chilli sauce. Don’t worry its not as spicy as it sounds though.

I do feel that they should have added atleast one or two soups with shrimps as main ingredients, as that would sort of complete the meal, but I guess its on their yet to do list. As for serving size, I would say starters are good enough for 2 people, and mains are good enough upto 3 people so keep that in mind while ordering.

Overall I enjoyed a great feast with lovely company of fellow bloggers and PF Chang’s management, and I would definitely recommend that you try them out during the Shrimp Festival. Oh and BTW we’d a special serving of banana spring roll with ice cream as dessert.Cute presentation and nice combination , although not to everyone’s taste. The festival will be on till 18th October.

Here are some more pics from the event: